Kate Barton

Contemporary Jewellery. Illustration. Animation.

New Earrings

These everyday hoop earrings are really fun to make. It’s quite a noisy process with a fair bit of hammering involved. I like the way the pattern is always a … Continue reading

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Dark Prisms

I’ve been having fun with this type of work for a while. They reference complex structures and how they form from simple codes and also drawing, pulling line work into … Continue reading

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Dot Punch Chain

Handmade sterling silver chain using my tiny punches. Finished with an ‘S’ shaped dot punched hook.

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Iceberg Brooch

When worn, this iceberg catches light in its layers of engraved lines.

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Spiral Rings

These organic spiral rings stamped with geometric patterns  loosely reference the ancient symbol the Ouroboros.

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Stacking Rings

I’m putting my hammer and anvil to use making these new little stacking rings. They have been punched with tiny geometric stamps that I have made. The blackened surface polishes … Continue reading

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Welcome to katebarton.wordpress.com. I love squares! and….. structures, machines, underground stuff like pipes and wires, building plans, diagrams, sparkling gems, water-colour-washed-out distant hills, semiotics, Morse code, science stuff, cats, and concrete. I currently … Continue reading

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