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New Structure Brooch 03

New Structure Brooch Series

The painted wooden forms made from model making matchsticks play at construction and take their inspiration from some of the largest structures in our self made environments. Made from simple modular parts using low tech methods the oxidised silver wire references building plans pulled into 3D. These miniature structures lay their foundations in warm winter coats claiming the body as a new landscape.


Structure Brooch 01

Structure Brooch Series

These brooches are handmade using the linear quality of wire to construct three dimensional drawings. The pieces are measured and geometrical, but with a certain amount of imprecision and softness. They resemble both the aesthetic of half finished buildings, steel skeletons exposed, and fragile spiderwebs with multifaceted, slightly different angles glinting.

This project was exhibited (2009) in the Objectspace window accompanied by three micro-animations. The animations documented the brooches with a temporal fragility tracing their stop-motioned shadows with ink and dye.

boxbrooch 600

Perspective Box Series

So flat yet so three dimensional; the light catches on the engraved lines giving them the appearance of shimmering silver boxes.

dblOxPrismchain 600

Prism/Structure Series



Oh, It's Just a Pattern

Morse Code Series

Morse code has  been given a tangible three dimensional form. ‘Oh, It’s Just a Pattern’ is the literal translation of what has been encoded into the patterned structure of this neck piece. The reading of its self-referential name creates a conversational game that dissects the material nature of language.


Stick Stack Brooches

© Kate Barton


2 comments on “Jewellery

  1. Bianca
    November 10, 2009

    Hello! I saw your work on Kit and Caboodle and saw you had a blog so I thought I’d come see. I’m really interested in your inspiration as much as your work!

  2. Melissa
    October 6, 2010

    Well, time to repay the compliment, this is great work! I really like the both Structure Brooch series. Look forward to seeing more 🙂

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